This Pediatric Psychiatry Network provides the following timely and secure components to improve identification, triage, linkage, access and stepped collaborative care (i.e., detection, medication management, monitoring for safety and side-effects, access to quality psychotherapy, and other evidence-based assessment/treatment guidelines) for Ohio youth:
  1. Diagnostic support;
  2. Management of symptoms for a variety of chronic disorders, and including medication management, care-coordination and referral needs; for example major depression, a chronic and crippling disease, with suicide and suicide attempts as significant measurable outcomes;
  3. Web reference connection/linkage for materials, primary physician toolkit, best practice treatment guidelines, and family psychoeducational materials;
  4. Opportunities for partners to collaborate, to provide education and raise public awareness regarding mental health topics related to children and youth, including early detection of psychotic symptoms, depression, suicidality, bipolar, and proactive positive intervention;
  5. Quality improvement processes through case consultation, training, and outcomes measurement, with data gathered locally and shared and analyzed centrally;
  6. Development of common standards of care and protocols to be used by all of the members.